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Epaul was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but was raised just outside the city on his family’s plantation, Africa Plantation, in the small town appropriately named – Modeste. Growing up he remembers always enjoying nature and exploring the “magical” untamed land that surrounded him. He would often climb to the very top of Africa at night with his little brother and under the sparkling stars recite stories of how he would one day travel around the world. He did not realize then that the Nikon camera given to him by his father would be the vehicle that would one day help to make his young dreams a reality.


Today, Epaul’s work can be found in many private collections in the United States and throughout Europe and creating art and taking photographs has become a necessity that helps to feed his constant hunger for making sense of life’s many obstacles. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, he decided to reuse salvaged images and materials to create new mixed media works that speak to his renewed energy and spirit as well as the rich history and rebirth of New Orleans. Using the abundant supply of materials from before and after the storm, Epaul is again reciting stories, only this time they are visual stories filled with folklore and mythological themes that tell his very personal tale of never giving up.

New Orleans, LA